1 Rue du Prince Radziwill - 60950 ERMENONVILLE

La Crêperie du Parc

Crêperie restaurant in Ermenonville

Restaurant Salades Ermenonville

The restaurant La Crêperie du Parc in Ermenonville (60) offers authentic products cooked on site.

At La Crêperie du Parc, all ingredients are fresh and carefully selected to offer you the best.

Terrine of the day 7,50 €
Hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise 5,00 €
Small bowl of salad 3,00 €
Mixed salad Tomato, green salad, seasoning 5,00 €
Super mixed salad Hard-boiled egg, tomato, green salad, seasoning 7,00 €
Galettes & crêpes

Galettes & crêpes

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Crêperie du Parc Ermenonville